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January 2009 - Stanford University Music Symposium

Stanford University Symposium - Reactions to the Record II.

In January 2009, Rex Lawson and Denis Hall of the Pianola Institute took part in the Stanford University annual Symposium on Historic Recordings, giving lectures on the player piano and reproducing piano. As well as speaking, Rex Lawson illustrated his musical talks with two pianola recitals. Further details of the Symposium can be found at the University's own website.

Febuary 2009 - Grainger/Grieg CD in Norway

Percy Grainger in rehearsal with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.
(Photo: Norwegian Television)

At the end of February, Rex Lawson and Denis Hall transported the Pianola Institute's Duo-Art Pianola to Kristiansand in Norway, where the late Percy Grainger recorded the Grieg Piano Concerto with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rolf Gupta. Other works of Grieg and Grainger were be recorded, including Grieg's Third Violin Sonata, and a number of shorter piano pieces played by Grieg himself.

Percy Grainger formed a particular friendship with Grieg during the later years of the Norwegian composer's life, and Grieg observed that the young Australian played the well-known Piano Concerto just as he himself would like to have played it.

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