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Musical Reactions and Comments

(Pierre Boulez, in rehearsal at Radio France, June 1981)

Dear Maurice,
Just finished two performances of the Antheil with the Tonhalle
and the incomparable Rex Lawson. They were rapturously
received by audiences and critics alike.
(Letter from David Zinman to Maurice Peress, April 2013)

Airplane Cantata couldn't have been written, never mind performed,
without the incredible Rex Lawson, who is like the Horowitz
of the Pianola.  Rex's hands and feet are able to do
the most extraordinary things that I never thought were possible.
(Gabriel Jackson at the British Composer Awards, December 2012)

"Spot the Pianolist" Gallery

I've lost the Pianolist! I last saw him at Carnegie Hall ...

Where could he have got to? Perhaps the Salzburg Mozarteum?

Has the audience at the Alte Oper, Frankfurt, found him?

Or is he hiding at the Royal Festival Hall in London?

Wait a moment ... I can just see him at the Tonhalle, Zürich!

But no! He's there, at the Conservatoire in Reims!

How DOES he carry his pianola to all those places?

Finally, in case you think that humour implies a lack of seriousness, rather than the reverse, then click this picture to listen to the Chopin Scherzo in
B flat minor, performed by Rex Lawson in 2009.

(Grateful thanks to Charles Amirkhanian, Rona Eastwood, Jeanette Koch,
Mary Zinman, Axel Coeuret and Dominic Murcott!)

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